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Nerdy McNerdyNerd

According to at least one colleague, I was born in the wrong century. This is a very nice way of saying I am as dull as a dust covered dead duck. Nonetheless, I am at one with my nerdiness and dullness, I need no sympathy.

I am, however, going to show you people some lovely music, that you deserve to listen to. These three pieces are at the moment what I listen to on the way to work.

And because I am enigmatic and mysterious, I will give no hints as to what they are. You will have to click on the link. It’s madness, I tell you!

Would dearly love to hear your favorite pieces as well. Have at me, dear reader.

Narnia Fans!

If you are a fan of Naria, you’ll enjoy this:

I want to read about Susan finishing out boarding school as a grown queen reigning from a teenaged girl’s body. School bullies and peer pressure from children and teachers who treat you like you’re less than sentient wouldn’t have the same impact. C’mon, Susan of the Horn, Susan who bested the DLF at archery, and rode a lion, and won wars, sitting in a school uniform with her eyebrows rising higher and higher as some old goon at the front of the room slams his fist on the lectern….

There are 8 minutes on the clock. Go.

So, you may have noticed that there were no posts from me this week. What, you mean you didn’t? Really? Oh. Oh, okay. Well, anyway, there weren’t.

The reason for that is that I normally do these during the weekend, and this last weekend was spent dealing with a child who decided that the contents of his tummy were better out than in, and proceeded to conduct empirical research to that effect. Then his Dad got the same bug and then I did. So no blog posts, just a lot of laundry and very little appetite.

So now I have eight minutes to type out one single blog post to entertain, educate or even just get a reader or two. I love my readers, I do, sometimes I look at my stat numbers and just get a little frisson of joy of all of you reading away of my pearls of wisdom. Which so far contain a lot of child vomit. But I digress!

Anyway, I now have four minutes on the clock. So far my writing is somewhat hampered by a bit of a slump from me. I pulled a novella out of my hat during the month of November, something that was completely different for me. I even put a different name on it, and sent it off for review. It did well, but not as well as I’d like. My notes were good, it needs work, but really I think I thought I could actually write without, you know, writing. Which is editing. Undaunted, our heroine was working away on a second plot, but found that it just didn’t get her going the way it should have. It’s only until now, nearly the end of December, that I think I have the plot put to bed and can start writing proper. The words on the page are the point; the rest of the time it is going back and editing it.

Like this, but with a lot more blood involved.

One minute left. This weekend we’re getting a tree and decorating the house, and avoiding sugary trees (the tum is still dodge). Hope you have a great weekend, see you Monday!!