Monthly Archives: February 2016

It is Dangerous to go alone.

As a kid and young adult I would fantasise about finding some place where I see and hear nobody. I would get from one end of the year to another with no sight of anyone, and I would, I would tell myself, be free. From what, I’m not sure, but I would be free of it.

The point of that, though, is that we grow up. We realise that both the best and the worst of us is brought about by other people. When we’re alone, we’re never ourselves, we’re always a mere potential of ourselves. Instead, when we’re among others, we grow, change and stretch into the people we can be, often whether we want to or not.

“Well, fuck.”

Being alone seems like a treat, an ease of the demands of life. But instead, it means that you’re never free of yourself and the life that you lead. When you are with the others you want to be with, then you find both life and yourself easier.

Don’t go it alone. Just.. trust me on this one.

Maintaining a Holding Pattern

So. Where I work, we have a large interview coming up. One of the candidates is internal, and all of the candidates have the potential to seriously affect all our working lives. The interviews happen not this coming week, but next week. We’ve got some major projects off our desks, and now we’re just going through the motions until we get a clearer picture of the months and weeks ahead.


Same thing for other projects; the plans are set, now we just need to get stuff done to reach the finish line. The time for talking is over.


Writing-wise, I’m in the prologue to the final chapter; the bend in the road before the final furlong, if that doesn’t stretch a metaphor to breaking point. Seventy-seven thousand words, and our heroines have yet to reach race day. God, I honestly hope they make it. I’m actually nervous for them, I’m finding that I’m hoping for them. They have been magnificently brave, in a way that you normally see thin women wearing pearls who talk like thiseaux, but here they are flobby, sweaty, ungraceful women, who have hearts bigger than their doubts and who are going to do it anyway. I love them so much.

Hope you have a great day, the lot of ye.



Any ideas?

I wish I could come up with something wonderful for you all, but it is Sunday. Beloved son is asleep. In fifteen minutes I’m going to get up from this chair, put on a load of laundry, get things ready for the rest of the week and start linner (cross between lunch and dinner). This is the down time, here, right here. The coming week will see me at work, with a very busy day Tuesday, a very busy and long day on Wednesday, and an increasing storm as we approach Professorship interviews here in work.

This going to be a doddle.

And that is in fact the day job. The real work is the little man, making sure he is developing, looked after and okay. This weekend he’s had ear infections in both ears and had to have meds four times a day. That’s not going to stop just  because his mother has plans, as it shouldn’t. So I’m going to draw a line under this blog now, go off and enjoy the rest of this next fifteen minutes and then get stuff done. Talk to you all soon.