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My name is Claire Nolan, I live and work in Dublin.  In my spare time I write, and in 2008 produced this opus; details on the historical side of the story are here; http://www.podcasts.ie/2011/01/episode-2-claire-nolan/

I am married and have a baby boy, who was born in March 2012; Hence, if I say written in haste, it really really is. Most of the posts on this blog will be done between the gaps of other obligations; I beg your indulgence in reading them. Most of these blogs posts come from specific suggestions given to me on Twitter. I’m on twitter at @clairenolan, and am grateful for any feedback.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Liz Bowe

    only recently found your written in haste blog. I KNOW i was supposed to read it ages ago but you know what its like, we need time travel to do everything we should do. well done youre the best!!!

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