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My ‘I have no time to write’ Post.

I have zero time to write. I have, nothing, not a thing. There is about three minutes to do this blog and then I have to work on four other projects before going home and then the second job begins. Not a second can be wasted but I’m managing to do just that because of spelling mistakes and typos and ah here…

So how are you, reading all these fascinating words on the screen at a lightening pace? How is life, how is your times, are you getting enough vitamin C, enough sleep, eating enough? You calling your Mother, getting exercise, working hard? Get some fun while you’re at it, it’s later than you think…

And now here comes the last few seconds of my time to write, nothing left to do but wrap this up, so I wish you well all of you, hope that you’re good and that life is good. Stay warm and cosy out there in that weather, you’d never know what might jump up and get ya.

Puppies make everything better….


Mah Day Off…

Remember yesterday?  Here is what I did on my day off;

  • Up at 6am;
  • Check work emails
  • Go for an hour long walk
  • Home – laundry on
  • Dishwasher emptied
  • Empty nappy bin
  • Wash bottles
  • Read textbook for half an hour
  • Give the garden half an hour
  • Prep milk for little man
  • Write for half an hour
  • Clean the top of the oven
  • Tidy upstairs
  • Tidy downstairs
  • Watch Intersellar (and wonder why someone didn’t tell Chris Nolan to edit it down)
  • Drive to creche, pick up little man

And that is why I dropped into bed exhausted at 9.44 pm last night.


The Meaning of Christmas – Deed Twelve

And so we come to the final blog on my 12 Good Deeds…. I hope some of these are helpful to you, and that you enjoy reading them. Here is the final good deed for you all.

Deed Twelve – Give money to a good cause

Yeah, you heard me. Give some money to people who are able to do more with it than you can; This place would be an excellent place to start, for example, but that is just one suggestion. Try to pick some charity that would mean a lot to you, if you can, so that you know you are doing the best you can with your money.  A fiver, a cent, something that will further a cause you believe in.

And that’s it. My deeds are spoken, my hands are empty of anything further to gift to you. All I say, is to give my incantation that your heart be at peace this Christmas, your loved ones joyous, and that you know contentment.

Lots of love.


This is, of course, exactly what I look like.

Edit; and to recap, here are the 12 Deeds in total;

Deed One – Write A Thank You Note

Deed Two – Buy a Book in a Bookshop

Deed Three – Take a Walk

Deed Four – Give up your Seat

Deed Five – Pick up Litter

Deed Six – Give blood

Deed Seven – Email a TD

Deed Eight – Attend a live event

Deed Nine – Give someone food.

Deed Ten – Give a Tip

Deed Eleven – Play a classical piece. 

Deed Twelve – Give money to a good cause

The Meaning of Christmas – Deed Eleven

There is so little time, don’t you find? So little time to pause, reflect, be thankful. Or even just to take stock, to note the change of the seasons and the movement of the planet through the dark space of winter. So this next one is aimed to give you that five minutes or more to give you that space:

Deed Eleven – Play a piece of classical music or put up a picture that has cultural value.

Note, you decide what has cultural value here. But give yourself that empty space to think. What was the best time of the year? What was the worst? What can you learn from that, about yourself and other people?

Oh so THAT’S why….

Grant yourself the gift of time, if you can.

The Meaning Of Christmas – Deed Ten

I have worked both as a waitress and in retail. There are managers out there throwing their eyes up to Heaven in thanks that I am no longer in those roles, but I think that I learnt a lot while there. I learnt that those jobs are not pleasant; you are on your feet all day, you are dealing with people who don’t care that you are tired, and that you can never be fast enough or remember enough. That’s why this next deed is so personal.

Deed Ten – Give a big tip.

Just something. Anything. A great deal of shops are open very long hours these days, staff there are worked very hard with not a huge amount of money to show for it. Sometimes, the person who works the hardest should get a thank you. So leave a thank you in a way that helps the most. Leave a tip as big as you can afford, or even a tip when you wouldn’t normally.

Every bit helps, folks.

Deed Eleven coming up, get ready!


The Meaning of Christmas – Deed Nine

Hi all,

The point of Christmas is that it has to have a point; A strange fruit to enjoy, certainly, but a rest without work is a waste, pure and simple. If you are giving to yourself, you should rightly give a little to others, too.

Deed Nine – Give someone food. 

Just something, anything. You can buy a coffee for a person at work. You can give a sandwich to a homeless person. Buy an apple for a teacher. Anything. But if you sit and think about how to help someone else in this way, you’re already doing more that you were five minutes before then.

So extend yourself for others in this way, and lets see what we can achieve.

And what do you know, here comes Deed Ten….