Monthly Archives: October 2018

A Thought at Bedtime…

Here is a lovely thought: right now there is a silent bookshop, all dark and quiet. The front door is locked, the lights are out. From somewhere outside there is a brief clap of laughter as a couple walk past, then a short searchlight sweep of a car going the other way.

Image result for the bookshop black and white

Other than that, the dust is settling, the books are undisturbed, and peace reigns for all the covers and all the words behind them. All the words, ready to be discovered tomorrow, patient and quiet for the nighttime that has come. And they are unaware and unconcerned about all our daytime, daylight concerns.

And that is happening in all the bookshops, in all the darkness, in all the world, right now.  A nice thought.

Night night.