And then some.

If I thought I was clumsy Sunday, Monday morning really put that idea away.

I usually wake up with back pain, and on Monday was in the bathroom. I gave myself a stretch, closing my eyes, leaning forward and putting my hand on the mirror. When I opened my eyes I saw that the mirror was coming away from the wall, so it was only attached at two points rather than four (if you get me). Blimey. I’d want to be careful with that. I slowly lowered the mirror back on the wall and got ready for my shower.

Of course, once in the shower there was the most dreadful crash. The mirror, and all it carried, fell to the floor with a lovely crash. Beloved husband’s voice could be heard from the other side of the door.

“You okay?!”

“Fine, just an idiot…”

“Fair enough!”

Humpft. Right. I got through the shower, and then managed to stab a toe while handling nail scissors. That was it for yesterday but who knows what today will bring! I don’t know, dear reader, I just despair! 

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