How you like them biscuits?

My nearby deli/market used to do a brilliant chewy biscuit that I found impossible to resist. They were light, with chocolate chips and I found them the perfect treat.


However, a recent change in management meant that they changed. Their chewy texture became an overworked, caster sugar filled boredom. Not good. So I pulled out the recipe books and had a go.

No, really, not good enough

Right. No. Not remotely good enough. Instead, I rooted out the Good Eats episode from Season Three, Three Chips for Sister Marsha*, and stuck to it to the very best of my ability. The result?

Nom nom nom...

Biscuits that are chewy, moist and perfect. Diet starts Monday, honest.

And thanks again for Mr. Brown for his tweet!

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*Marsha Marsha Marsha!

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