Do we ever get wise?

Will we ever get wise? Our processing of information, does it ever improve? Can we see more or ever get better with regard to our perceptions? Science would say no. Our synapses deteriorate over time and use. Old pathways degenerate and new ones don”t come about. Minds become static, fail and fall away.

So how come we still dare hope for change? Why are we so foolish as to imagine that we can change, either personally or as a society? We run through the same routine day in and day out, but do we learn anything? Do we see anything? Do we break out of the chains that bind us?

Every single time I”ve grown as a person, it has been through a painful experience. Learning new perceptions always comes from old ones being pulled painfully away. I will cling to pokie slots my childish nature until the last possible moment and will look back on earlier times with nostalgia, regret. The same goes with a society; it will cling to a childish belief until it has to, must, move on to a more adult view, especially if it is formed from false first principles.

Ireland, you”ve killed again. This time a woman who took two days to die as priority was given to the contents of her womb. A sad, stupid sullied death born about from an infection in our blood, our minds and our sad, worthless history. I”m old and going gray and I have no faith in you any more, but you still manage to sadden me with your pointless behaviour. So much for you and your lauded principles.

Ah here. Here”s a pretty tune to take our minds off this.   Night all.

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2 thoughts on “Do we ever get wise?

  1. Susan

    I consciously hurt, that I must be Irish and live in Ireland. It is a violent, psychic injury that we inflict on ourselves daily, simply by enduring being here.

    Sanity is bought at a very high price, and even then I don’t always get it at auction.

    This country is disturbed and damaged. A dirty energy sullies everything – lauds what is commonplace and meretricious and soils what is beautiful and worthwhile.

    I have been googling more ways to leave here.


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