The Fat Chick Jogging is back…..

Running when you’re fat is an exercise in hope. You have to do it to get fitter, but you look terrible. One day I will feel like this when I run:


For the moment, however, I look like this:

Still, I loved being out there again. Wonderful feeling to move with speed again, I felt lucky.  The problem is in my head. I think that as I am not photogenic, that I am unpleasing to look at when I exercise, that I should hide away, should refrain from this side of life. Why? Who on earth would be offended by this? I know that society insists in a variety of ways that women must be decorative and that they fail if they don’t. It seems to be one of those times when I police myself and censor myself rather than any specific real concern.


5 thoughts on “The Fat Chick Jogging is back…..

  1. niki_in_france

    I wish at least my boobs looked like the fat girls boobs – I think I’m the only person (men included) that manages to get fat but keep skinny boobs.

    More seriously – bravo, running is awesome!

  2. Paul UCD

    I have to say having completed a few marathons I have seen all shapes and suzes jogging along and as runner I have the utmost respect for runners who are not stick insects with and unfair advantage of being blown along by the wind.I remember one marathon at the 25 mile stage in pain having slipped on a banana skin at the 22 mile marker being passed out by a woman who was of larger build and to see her determination inspired me to keep going the last mile.

    Men are no different about their body image when running those of us cursed with big organs have to wear tight clothing to keep our organs from dangling around, hence i have to wear a headband to keep my ears in place

    So keep running and you may inspire someone else to do it too


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