Wednesday Write In #33

Wednesday write cake short and sweet prompts; chloroform  ::  banana split  ::  stench  ::  cracker  ::  shoestring budget


“What, you get a girlfriend? Do they give out cloroform in college now?”

“You can’t talk, can ya, you’d go out with anyone who bought you a banana split.”

“No I wouldn’t, shut up!”

“I will not, it’s true, you’ve just a kid.”

“I am not!”

“Ya are, you still like Michael Jackson!”

“Thriller is a good record!”

“Yeah if you’re twelve. Real girls like the Cure, or the Smiths or something. Wait till you’re old enough to go to a real disco, then tell me you’re a grown up.”

Silence fell between them, sitting in the back seat of the car while they waited for their Dad. He was always taking ages, when he got talking to the newsagent he could loose all track of time.

“God I wish he’d hurry up. Put the radio on.”

She didn’t argue with him, she wanted to hear music too. She leaned forward and put on the local radio. Country music blasted out at them, and he gave out a yell.

“Ah give me a break, change it!”

She was already swinging the dial towards the 92 number, and Gerry Ryan’s voice started out.  She sat back into the seat again and they sat in silence.

Slowly, with appalling surety, it moved towards her, creeping closer with each second. Her face frowned as it finally reached her, and she started to cough as the full stench hit her.

“Oh dear God, that’s disgusting!”

He gave out a laugh as she despairingly tried to roll down the window, the broken handle refusing to work.

“Oh that’s a cracker!” he said, laughing at her face, until he finally just smiled at himself.

“What the hell were you eating?”

“Its called pot noodle, you’ll have some too when you get to college.”


“When. And you’ll eat lots of it, not easy to get to eat on a shoestring budget.”

“Sounds awful.”

“Yeah…” He shifted uneasily in his seat. “Where is Dad, he’s gone ages. I need to pee!”

“Mum will be mad, dinner will be ruined.”

“I know. Ah here, I’ll go get him!”

“Bring us back some sweets!”

“I will not, you’ll get fat!”

“I am not fat!”

“Yeah, you’re not.”

“I am not!”

“Stop shouting, people will think that you’re a child!”

“Well stop saying I’m fat then!”

“Alright, alright, you’re not fat! Just let me go get Dad!”


“Fine. Jesus!”

“You’re not allowed swear! I’m telling Mum!”

“Ah here!” Irritated now, he got out of the car and slammed the car door, leaving her there waiting for both of them. She couldn’t believe she had to have him as a brother. She would be all grown up if not for him making her so mad all the time. Stupid brother. Big, stupid brother.

Nice to have him home, though. She looked through the glass, waiting with hope that both of them would be back soon.

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