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Remember Kytelers Inn? The rather lovely tavern in Kilkenny where Alice Kyteler lived? Well, I had a bit of a brain wave. Would they like me to do readings of The Stone during the summer? They said they would! So yesterday myself, Himself and the little man made our way down to the Marble city to have a chat and see about details.

Down to the home town. Where everyone drives really well…

They really did like the idea. While I was thinking of doing a reading once a month, they were thinking once every two weeks, especially during the summer season (we have the Cat’s Laughs in May, Arts Week in August and lots in between).

The plan is to have readings from the book, the history of the town and of Alice herself, discussion of the musical and maybe some talk about other versions of the story (handily, that’s what my Masters was about). I know myself I could easily talk for an hour on this, and throwing in the readings will make the time fly. I’m just worried that this is a lot of travel to organise. Also, that’s the summer booked, really; I’ll have not much in the way of free time. Hmm. What do you all think?

Because this is what a summer in Ireland is like. Yes, it is.

4 thoughts on “Bit of news…

  1. Mary Alagna

    It’s a great idea and opportunity. If you’ve annual leave coming up, just arrange with them that you won’t be there at that time, or something.


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