We have a small patch of back garden to tend with at the moment. It’s not getting a great deal of attention, mainly because the bambino is the priority at the moment. The lawn needs to be cut and some of the plants should be pruned and tied back. But they’ll have to wait until we have time to deal with all these things.

The garden at home in Kilkenny is a very large thing, and takes over an hour to tend to the grass alone. The flowers were always so well looked after by Mum, and I’m sorry to say I never inherited that knack of hers. I’ve killed heather, tulips, cacti, even bog plants. Yes, even blog plants. Interestingly, the only thing that seemed to survive my care was orchids. I instigated the prime directive – just leave them the hell alone – and that seemed to do the trick. They flourished, even flowered. There’s no telling these things.

(Quick aside – did you know that the Tree of Knowledge wasn’t an apple tree? Doesn’t say so in the Bible. Instead, I think it was a pomegranate. And, if you watch Alton Brown, you know that is a total pain to get the seeds out.   At least, until he showed us how. )

Is there anything this man cannot do? …. No. 

So that’s the plan soon; get out into the garden and sort this thing. Something like this might be in order… Enjoy!

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