A writer’s Rosary Beads

Our Writing

Stuck in our heads

Hallowed be thy transcription.

Thy pages come

Thy printing be done

On paper as it is in our minds.

Give us this day our daily scripples

And forgive us our trespasses into cliche

As we forgive those who trespass into cliche against us

And lead us not into the realm of the hackneyed,

But forgive us our writing sins




Hail Authors

Full of Skill

The Words be with thee

Blessed are thou among the slush pile

And Blessed is the fruit of thy printer.

Holy Writer

Mother of our words,

Pray to gather readers,

Now and on the last page,



Glory be to those who are published; as they first lick their pencil, is now and will be via translation, world without end, amen.

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