Naming Names

A few thoughts regarding the recent news items about the CRC funding.  Not only is the entire board not good at it’s present, expected role, that of properly managing the Clinic properly, but they are doing a worse job than if someone else was doing it. Right now, they are a big liability for the Clinic receiving funding again from the public.

Paul Kiely is a bad person. Bad not only in the role that he held, but morally bad. He had no goodness to him at all. Perhaps he does not kick cats or spit at children. But he is a bad person. I would put him of a lesser evil than a child rapist, but certainly worse than a bored mechanic whose poor work ethic sees a car crash. He is not a good man and it is doubtful that he cares about that. After all, only the poor need to care about others, it would appear.

Paul Kiely. A bad man.

Of course, the nature of all this is that their success is another hallmark of their nature; they will never pay the money back or be accountable for it. But it is refreshing to note, out loud, my reaction to their actions like this. Insidious thieves that they are, may they have the curse of one day knowing themselves without qualification.

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