100 Days without sugar – 78 to go

New readers start here; Our heroine had successfully lost over 60 lbs, but has slowly gained back a stone. Shocked at the shocking state of her, she resolves to do without sugar for 100 days.

And that you all should hear about it, you lucky people.

Now read on…

I am determined to not be the best. Instead, I am determined to do my best. To be consistent, show up, and get it done. Much better idea than to get it ‘right’.

Anyway, that means today I was still pleased when Mr. Triathlon with the stomach like a trampoline said to me, “You’re a swimmer. Going for the Europeans?” I wanted to tell him I’m an old mammy with a two year old and the only place I was going was to Aldi. Instead I made some simpering comment that revealed my lack of brain cells and got out of the pool.

Nice thing to have happened, though.

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