100 Days without Sugar – 40 exciting days to go.

New newbies be reading and stuff here; Our heroine had successfully battled her way out of the jungle, but has slowly eased herself over a waterfall. Shocked at the shocking state of her, she resolves to do without sugar for 100 days.

And that you all should hear about it, you random chance delightful vanilla favoring people.

Now read on…

I think I will give this zero carb thing a go. But I will try for one day this week, and then two for next week.

So, no carbs.

That means

  • No wheat
  • No rice
  • No pasta
  • No bread
  • No crackers
  • No potatoes
  • No anything, really.

So that pretty much leaves me with my arms swinging when it comes to food. Between that and no sugar, fairly quiet around here.

This is actually a gif. Just a really boring one.

So, other than seeing the trailer for The Giver, I’ve very little to report. And how are you?

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