100 Days without Sugar – 29 Bliss Filled Days to Go.

New newbies be reading and stuff here; Our heroine had called out hello, and is only hearing her own voice echo back to her. Shocked at the shocking state of her, she resolves to do without sugar for 100 days.

And that you all should hear about it whether you want to or not

Now read on.

Monday, 21st July 2014:

Seems unpleasant to discuss such a paltry subject when the headlines are what they are, these days. I am now so sufficiently disenfranchised that I rarely catch the news bar specfic things I’ve Google Alerted myself to now. Most of the time I’m horrified by both the specific at-home tragedies and the general nation-wide nightmares. And the response I have is usually because it plays in my mind for so long…

This shit: http://www.bromford.co.uk/customer/changes-to-benefits/bedroom-tax/

Aaaaagh the Bedroom Tax is robbery disguised!!!

So to avoid that impotent rage and sweeping sorrow I don’t really read the news much any more. But I’m still aware enough to know that this blog, these few little lines are less than pertinent to the world stage. Or any stage.

Even a Deadwood One.

Anyhoo, this weekend I left the house on my own. No child, no husband, just left the house. Went clothes shopping, And to my joy I discovered the three way mirror in Marks and Spencer. I kid you not, for a moment I thought that I would never go swimming again. Firstly, I know I don’t look good, yeah yeah yeah. But I also know that while I’m supposed to do something about it, I’m not supposed to look like I am doing something about it. I have to suck in mah tummy but not look like I’m stressed, and it is a lot of spinning plates to get in order.

The only way I am going to lose the weight I want to lose is to get rid of the carbs. But frankly that is torture. I’ve my hols coming up and the start of the new academic year and the idea of going without is unpleasant. I’m almost in tears at the idea.

I always laugh at the suggestion all I need to do is to push myself harder, Would they go away and shite?

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