The very last day without sugar

A.k.a I have the willpower of a squashed gnat.

It has been a long and winding road, my readers. We’ve had highs. We’ve had lows. We have had questionable formatting and poor planning of texts. We’ve had continuous denial and repeated suggestions. One thing we haven’t had is weight loss. Nor, for that matter, have we had much improvement in character, which was the stated plan of all this in the first place.

So did I learn anything, from all this? A plan is nothing without an effort. An effort is nothing without repetition. And for each effort to be worth something, it has to be with the eye on the prize. Delayed gratification… always a problem.

So this particular trek is at an end. Here comes the new start of term and all that it brings. Will post away on all of that, and no doubt there might be some odds and ends along the way. Talk to you soon.

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