It’s the glamour that gets me.

Last night little man woke up, after 4am. Not too surprising, he is still getting used to a new bed. I gave him milk to sooth him and put him back. He got back up. I put him back. He got back up. I put him back. This time, though, I stood there in his room, keeping him in his bed. This was also great fun. So he would get up, and run behind his bed instead of running out of the room.

Aha. Hilarious.

And no, he didn’t eventually nod off. What happened was I looked at my phone to see the time. I thought it must be close to 5 am.

I was wrong.

It was close to 6am, It was 5.49am, and I was due up in ten minutes. Being up early is one thing but being denied rest you think you are going to get is just too hard.

I’m on cup number five of the hard stuff today, and there will be more before bed time. As I said, hilarious.

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