The Meaning Of Christmas – Deed Seven

Those of you who follow my Facebook page know that I wasn’t sick yesterday. No, I wasn’t, and I’m not sick today. I just have a snuffle brought about from the swimming. That’s all.

(Turns away to cough discretely.)

Ok. Where were we? Ah yes, Deed Seven. Now this one takes just a moment as well, and it costs no money or blood. But it does cost you some time and thought. So lets see what it is behind door number Seven, shall we?

Deed Seven; Email a TD about a cause you believe in.

Just not this one.

There are tonnes of issues out there that deserve to be raised with a member of your Dail. And you can find out who your local TD is by clicking here. Once you get your details you get the full contact details of your councillors, TDs and MEPs, so there is no excuse to raise any issue that is bothering you. Puppies? Hungry folk going homeless? The sheer lack of concern about imported gnats? The gnats, lads, what about the gnats, huh?

Or libraries. What about the libraries?

Once you’ve sent off your email or emails, you can rest assured as you listen to your relatives drone on and on over the trifle that you’ve done something concrete to help out the world.

Onwards, to Deed Eight!

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