Oh, Thank You!

Oh, thank you, WordPress, for the privilege of being able to log into my blog! The sheer delight of not having my ISP address listed as suspect due to multiple log in attempts from someone else is just delightful. At least now I can get rid of that stupid washing machine gif that was up up without thought weeks ago.  Ye Gods…

So, how are you all? Everyone okay, still here? I’ve had a wonderfully busy two weeks or so, dealing with anonymous correspondence, hubby changing jobs, time off that wasn’t time off at all, a death of a relative, illness of a very close relative, and … life, really.  I have been busy, which is the excuse I’m giving myself. I am sitting at home at the moment due to the bus strike, a development that I only realised at the bus stop yesterday. It made me realise how little attention I pay to the outside world these days. I rarely seem to listen to news broadcasts, I never buy a newspaper, and most of the world seems to get by quite nicely without my concern. I am aware of the big stuff, the referendum on the 22nd, the need to check the register… But the day to day stuff is passing me by.

I remember as a kid riveted to news and current affairs, but since the collapse that interest has waned and gone. It drifted away on foot of my belief that my interest actually did anything, along with the expectation I can change things. Maybe that will change, but for now, and for a while, I’ve let them get on with it.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. And how are you?



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