Tick tock…

We’re nearly at the solstice, the much longed-for indication that Winter is at it’s peak and soon the darkness will be replaced with light.

Taken in Mount Yosemite, USA

Oh happy day! I am so over the darkness of Winter. I rise and go to sleep in darkness, and am very much fed up with it. This morning, at 8am, the sky was so dark  it seemed like the middle of the night. Enough, already, Nature, you’ve made your point.

So we head towards Christmas, and Saturnalia. As traditions go, it’s worth keeping up no matter what your sense of faith or religion. And all of it is worthwhile; a massive feast, a festival of lights, a gathering of the clan to keep away the darkness…

And I have nothing done. Not a card sent, not a tree bought. I think I will have to get through the next few weeks moving as fast as those Tasmanian devil cartoons from me youth….

Right. Best get cracking. Talk to you next week.



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