Maintaining a Holding Pattern

So. Where I work, we have a large interview coming up. One of the candidates is internal, and all of the candidates have the potential to seriously affect all our working lives. The interviews happen not this coming week, but next week. We’ve got some major projects off our desks, and now we’re just going through the motions until we get a clearer picture of the months and weeks ahead.


Same thing for other projects; the plans are set, now we just need to get stuff done to reach the finish line. The time for talking is over.


Writing-wise, I’m in the prologue to the final chapter; the bend in the road before the final furlong, if that doesn’t stretch a metaphor to breaking point. Seventy-seven thousand words, and our heroines have yet to reach race day. God, I honestly hope they make it. I’m actually nervous for them, I’m finding that I’m hoping for them. They have been magnificently brave, in a way that you normally see thin women wearing pearls who talk like thiseaux, but here they are flobby, sweaty, ungraceful women, who have hearts bigger than their doubts and who are going to do it anyway. I love them so much.

Hope you have a great day, the lot of ye.



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