It’s always darkest before the darn…

The novel progresses. And as our heroines would tell us, if you don’t stop, you can’t quit. I do very little well in life and most of the time my path is garlanded with examples of what I should have done, or where I would be, if only I was a little different. But I do think that I need to tread carefully with this novel when it is finished. Because that is only the first draft finished. It needs rereading, the start needs to be redone completely, and several key scenes need to be arranged.

But when I see something like the book fair that has a deadline of 16th of March (I’ve gone hunting for the link, can’t find it), both angel and devil on my shoulder told me to avoid it. My little work is far too unprepared to get out there just yet. It is too sloppy, too unpolished, only I can see the worth that these ladies and this story has. No, not yet. Not yet.

It clarifies the situation, though. One of the people listed in the festival was the very person I have circled with red ink in my mind. She will be the soul I want to entrust this story to. And now she is in my mind as the end goal. Hmmmm…..

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