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I see that there is a remake of Cinderella. Is there really no new ideas out there? No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that children have to watch the same movies as their parents, but I do think that the ideas of Cinderella don’t really work for me anymore.

Hey, think about it. All her problems are solved not by her brains, but by her beauty being made her best feature by someone with magically deep pockets. She doesn’t make the dresses, she doesn’t solve the inequality at home by forming a union, she doesn’t overturn the unfair inheritance of her stepmother, she gets herself tarted up and dances with a prince.

And that always works out.


Cinderella is about clothes maketh the woman, and it is a bit too feudal to be good enough these days. Hey, she’s pretty, so she will be advanced over other women. ┬áProblem is, is that as a kid I ate that up, and also concluded that my chances were pretty poor considering the state of me.

Maybe new versions could be made? One where she gets herself somewhere due to her hard work? Call me crazy, but a tale that shows children that women can battle and overcome dragons too would be rather wonderful.

Woman Warrior 2 by Zavgo-Spb, from Deviant Art