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100 days without sugar; 91 to go.

New readers start here; Our heroine had successfully lost over 60 lbs, but has slowly gained back a stone. Shocked at the shocking state of her, she resolves to do without sugar for 100 days.

And that you all should hear about it, you lucky people.

Now read on…

Oh lord this is getting difficult. Really, really difficult. We’ve a busy week here in SILS, what with examinations and grading, interviews and a visit for an extern to prepare for. I would love nothing more than to reward myself with a biscuit or seven, to give myself that nice full feeling. Last night, Himself came home and offered me some yoghurt covered nuts, which I had to refuse. Today, I did a mere 1000 metres in the pool and have been on the go all day. I want to reward myself, and say well done, mainly because I feel I’ve earned it.

But that’s nonsense. It’s just been a busy day, I have no excuse to eat up like that. I’m not hungry, I just want my sugar rush. Well tough luck, baby, you’ll just have to get on with it.