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100 Days without sugar – 39 Days to go

New newbies be reading and stuff here; Our heroine had successfully battled her way out of the jungle, but has slowly eased herself over a waterfall. Shocked at the shocking state of her, she resolves to do without sugar for 100 days.

And that you all should hear about it, you random chance delightful vanilla favoring people.

Now read on…

Friday 11th July 2014

So, yesterday. Zero carb day. It wasn’t great, by any means. For one thing, I will need to be providing myself with something else to eat. Think about it, when there is no chance of any sugar, and no wheat, there isn’t much left that can be called a snack. Peanuts. Cheese. One thing I used to eat was Mascapone cheese sweetened, as it did silence the raging beast within. Will have to get some in.

I noticed again an angry woman I’ve been seeing on my way to work each morning. The bus I take stops at a particular stop that she waits at each morning. She is always there, arms folded, furious. I noticed how her chin will jut out and her shoulders give a micro-shrug as she stands there, eyes looking at something in the distance. She’s arguing with someone in her head, some person that she combated with the night before over the spaghetti ragu or the duvet cover, some soul who she takes with her each day and continues the argument. She is only slightly aware of what she doing, where she is, when she is standing there, and she is going over each word said, each word she might have said, while standing at the bus stop. Short pink padded coat, cut at the hip, with arms folded over in defiance. I don’t see her every morning, but when I do, she is always angry.

I wonder why we do that to ourselves. I don’t have any firm or clear faith but I have heard that hell is where we send ourselves; that if we could only open the prison of our repeated expectations of consciousness, we would be free from the pain we have placed on ourselves. It is patronising on my part, but I look at her and am reminded of that. I see in her my own tendency to have the same argument, to have the same expectations, and wonder what it would take for her to see what she is going. And what it would take for me to do the same.

Anyways. Happy Friday, people.