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100 days without sugar – 72 days to go

New starters reading here; Our heroine had successfully lost over 60 lbs, but has slowly gained back a stone. Shocked at the shocking state of her, she resolves to do without sugar for 100 days.

And that you all should hear about it, you lucky starlight shiny people.

Now read on…

Monday, 9 th June; The weekend wasn’t very restful, in that beloved son decided that 4 am and 6 am were perfect times to wake up respectively. On Sunday evening, we found I had a new type of shadow under my eyes, a shadow so deep they looked bruised. Scary.

So no blogging, apologies. When I do get some down time, I’m reading again. It’s the Newsflesh series by Mira Grant. It’s tense, terrifying and very gripping, but not requiring a lot of memorisation or reflection, so we’re away. The only snacks I’m having are popcorn or sugar free biscuits. And as for weight loss?

Not a single pound.

Nope, not a one. Still as delightfully rotund as a round thing.

Subtle, n’est pas?

Ayeayeaye. We persevere, however, and I was in the pool this am for my 1500 metres. Then work, brought to you by “Coffee”, followed by more work, brought to you by “Lunch”. I’m away shortly to start the second job at home.  Have a good one!