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Parenting and Guilt

I have never felt guilt as a parent. Unless those delightful mummies were willing to help rather than judge, they could kiss my butt for all the guilt I was supposed to feel. None of them would be there to help in any real way so therefore they are not relevant. Mortgages have to be paid, sanity has to be maintained, I was always going to go back to work. As for breastfeeding, my body gets enough messages about what it should or shouldn’t be doing, ta very much. Unless you get to lactate with me, your opinion is just a leaf on the wind of my own way through life.

What about Shame?

Had plenty of that. I have felt ashamed when my son kicks up, or isn’t as great as little Caresse or Sky.  I have felt shame when I inconvenienced, or annoyed, or bothered, on account of my son. He is my joy and my responsibility, no one else’s, I wouldn’t and shouldn’t make other people’s lives harder on foot of his bad days, etc.  I am with the French on this one, my child gets to fit in with society, not the other way around.