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And we’re back.

*Valley Speak Accent* So. Apparently there is this thing called, like, water?  And if you are pushing yourself to take a full minute off your swimming time, then, it’s like a thing these days to like, drink it? *Valley Speak Accent*

And oh my god how annoying is Valley Speak, just make it stop.

It’s Friday and I am really looking forward to the weekend. So I have no script or plan to this blog post, I’m just typing away, validating my shallow existence on this earth by takin’ up cyberspace with my ones and zeros.

The migraine thing is most likely to have been brought about by my simply not drinking water. I swim 1500 metres five times a week and never take a drink of water, something was going to give. I brought a bottle of water with me to the poolside this morning and sank it after my swim. Huh. Maybe there is something in this high-dray-sion that them there scientists do be speaking of.

Right. Okay. Here is Friday, here is the weekend. Have fun all.