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A Day Off. Sort of.

So the little man has a birthday. I’ve had my cake, and eaten it too. So have quite a few children, by the way, and as a result I’ve taken a day off to keep myself sane and sensible.

Yeah, right!

Those of you who know me, know that I don’t actually do well with time off. Instead, I usually end up working even harder than usually but on things that I want to spend time on. I’ve been up since 6 am, and will go for a walk shortly once things are done here. ¬†Sitting around isn’t really what I’m about, and also time to myself is in fact quite rare. The chance to write is really rare, really special. The chance to go for a walk by myself, for example, never really happens.

I’m not complaining, really I’m not. But I’m looking forward to this day off, and I hope you have a great day too, whatever you’re doing.