Philargyrist – suggested by @iain_nash

A Pilargyrist is a lover of money; specifically, a lover of the precious metals that used to make up coins. They don’t like spending money, but instead like the possession of money for its own sake.

Not only do they have run of the mill greediness, which we can see around us in a love of material possessions, but they have a hatred of spending in of itself. Going far more than mere frugality, which these days is a virtue, they hate to see the figures in the bank balance go down for any reason.

I can understand this, to a point. Its nice to have your cake and eat it, too. But as I’ve gotten older, people rather than things have become the important priority in my life (after getting my principles wrong again and again, let me tell you). If I have money now, it is for spending so I and the people I love have experiences worth having. Don’t hold on to it folks; you can’t take it with you and it is later than you think.

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