Wow…a collection of random thoughts.

He”s asleep. I might get a chance to have a look at this blogging thing for a moment.

So, how am I? I feel hardy like a marine at times, in that I can cope with four hours sleep. Get me! I”m back at work, which is lovely in that I like where I work and the people I work with. It is also Dickensian in its brutality as I walk away from my child each morning and quietly sniffle at the bus stop. Not crying.

Work itself is strange to return to. I”m astonished that I have any brain power at all these days. Folks expect me to do things, and to remember things, and I”m just grateful that I can write things down I need to remember like my name, where I live, and that yes, those are my feet. Hmm. My predecessor who was in my role before me was brilliant and created a wonderful wave of efficiency that I am just surfing on at the moment. I find myself pushing myself to just keep going, to not stop, and that alone seems to be seeing things done.

Here comes winter. We”re looking forward to our first Christmas with best australian online casino him, and I”m insisting that Santa visits the house. My husband is an atheist and I abhor the Church, so we”re happy to have him have little or no religious education. However, I believe in the magic of the imagination. so I put my foot down on the Santa Claus issue. He”s coming to the house because, as Terry Pratchett put it, man needs to believe in the fantasies of childhood such as Santa, so that they will grow up and believe in the fantasies of Justice and Honour as adults.  Plus its fun. So we will be having Santa.

Go Obama. Was there any real choice? Fox is destroying Republician Conservative thought so well that Obama seemed the only grown up in the race. I was a huge fan of his in the “08 election, less so this time. But I still feel very glad he was elected again, he was the only person close to my own political views.

I”m going to vote in the Children Referendum. The daftness of the No vote has not served debate, I”m afraid.

Finally; dreams. I”m a person who has a huge emotional landscape when I dream (I”m sure we all do). I”ve just finished reading the Sandman comics, and have fallen in love with the Romance of it all. But my own dreams get better and better as I experience my own personal happiness.  I have a sense of impeding wonder that I can”t explain. Go figure….

7 thoughts on “Wow…a collection of random thoughts.

  1. Himself Indoors

    Santa? I love to be the one to mention it first, but Santa’s a cheap, strings-attached copy. You’re thinking of Saturnalia, but I guess Santa’s easier for little voiceboxes 😀

  2. Ashling

    He’d never have gotten away with no Santa. I’d have been round in a red suit on Xmas morning… and I wouldn’t even have needed a fake belly!


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