Moar Biscuits!

Today we had a cookie exchange at work so I set myself to make some of my biscuits. I made the dough Sunday, and left it in the fridge overnight to chill, with the hazelnuts and chocolate ready to go;

Biscuit dough from the fridge

An ice cream scoop makes for uniform biscuits....

Trays with parchment paper ready to for the dough

Haven't tasted any of it! So hard to do.....


Still haven't tasted them, and they smell amazing...

Now out of the oven!


The final results!

Seeing as I’m on a very strict diet for the foreseeable future, taking part in a cookie exchange might be considered a bad idea. But it was totally worth it….

6 thoughts on “Moar Biscuits!

  1. Sinead O'Hart

    LOVE the title of this blog post. Makes me think of a cross between ‘More’ and ‘Phwoar’, which is pretty apt considering the sheer gorgeousness of your biccies. Almost makes me wish I was back around UCD so I could snaffle a few. Almost. 🙂


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