I keep getting bothered these days by the nature of Time, or more exactly, the nature of Now. Here is Now, as in this moment is the present apex of the liner passage of events we call current. However, go back five years and that was now. Go back twenty and there it was again. Our parents were once the generation of Now.

‘How abut ye?’

So were their parents, and theirs before them.

The Then of Now is a Was….

So Now isn’t fixed. Instead, it seems to be completely flexible and movable, despite the assurance we have that we are the Now, we are the current understanding of the universe.  We’re like insects on the surface of a river, floating downstream, surprised that the world changes around us when  the stuff under our feet remains (to us) the same.


So there is clearly a huge something of life we’re missing, some element of our perception completely unaware of a huge force in the Universe. We’re missing a huge something here. Or now.

Oh, why is my humble brain bothered with such things? I’m never going to be able to do anything about it, it is beyond me and my upright ape ability. Arragh here! Good night.

One thought on “Now.

  1. Peter Dennehy

    Hi Claire,
    I do think that there is a lot in what Eckhart Tolle posits in that there is only NOW
    I can relate a little to that in many ways, but making sense of other people’s Now or the Now of other times is a helluva challenge. I await your conclusions with great interest.


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