The 12 Good Deeds for Christmas

In which our author gets all self-righteous. Bear with me on this one….

Right. Christmas is good, but if you are like me (and God help ya if you are), sitting down to a huge celebration of the season only really happens if I feel I”ve earned it. So what I have here are a list of small good deeds that I can do between here and Christmas Day that will make life easier for those around me just a tiny, tiny bit.

  1. Give someone a complement. Not everyone will believe you, but you will be making their nicer none the less and that is a good thing. For example, next time someone hands you your change, give them or their place of work a complement. It will go a little way to making a harassed person feel more appreciated..
  2. Write and send a letter to someone. A hand written letter is ideal, but an email to someone you haven”t spoken to in a long time is nice too. Letting someone you know that you”re thinking of them (in a non-stalkery, I”m-watching-from-the-bushes-type-way) is a kindness few of us take the time to do these days.
  3. Make a donation to a small charity. Yes, I said I would be getting righteous here, and this one of them. You don”t have to even leave your desk, try for donations you can make straight away. You could make a €1.00 donation if you want. Gwan gwan gwan!
  4. Shop in a local shop. The small retailer, grocer and shop could do with the custom. Make a small detour and give them your custom. All the larger shops can cope with just one person less, but a few more people can really make a difference.
  5. A gift to your bus driver. Or Postperson, or coffee lady, or whoever. That person who you see almost every day and who is going about their business. Give them some small thank you (Roses box or something) that says you notice their hard work and appreciate it. It only takes a moment.
  6. Call on a neighbour. Call on someone who you haven”t taken the time to speak to for a while. This one I will admit I find difficult, I always imagine online casino free bonus that they don”t want to hear from me. But give them five minutes of your time, you have nothing to lose.
  7. Pay for someone else. If you take the bus, train etc regularly, pay the fare of the person coming after you. It”s just a couple of euro but it is a very nice thing to do.
  8. Buy a homeless person some food. A mug of coffee and some food is a huge gesture of support to someone who spends his or her time being ignored.
  9. Give blood. Most of you won”t do this as a whim, it can seem like a huge deal. But it takes half an hour and makes a huge difference. Plus you get cake afterwards. Cakeeeee!

Right, so that”s nine. If people did just one of these, think of the difference that would make to the world.  What I would love is not if this post went viral, but if the idea did. Think of it, try to do one small good deed a day. I bet you could. I really bet you could, without any thought. Gwan. Gwan gwan gwan!

Oh yeah. That”s my house.

One thought on “The 12 Good Deeds for Christmas

  1. claire Post author

    A few others I’ve heard of since;
    – When at Starbucks, etc, pay for the coffee of the person behind you.
    – Pay an extra hour for parking for the person pulling in behind you at street side parking.
    – Give a shopping trolley with the euro coin still inserted to someone at the supermarket….
    -Just smile at people as you go!


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