100 days without sugar – 7 days to go

So, did you miss me? I had my holidays there. Two weeks of not coming into work, so I di. And did I behave myself with the sugar?

It is fair to say, I did not.

Photo: Guilty pleasures...

See, this is why I can’t have nice things. (Well done to the staff at Eddie Rockets who had to cope with a grown woman squealing.)

So, I am approaching the end of this delightful saga. I’ve found that I have not only failed to lose weight, but put it on quite a bit. This is something I can fight back but only a little. I think that if I am going to do this it will have to be by small steps, day by day, of just taking it easy and not forcing any insane or mad diets…. Would you look at that ice cream I had? God does that ever look good. Don’t you think? What was I saying?

Gentle steps, good behaviour Monday to Friday, and allow things now and again.

Are you buying this?



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